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I had persistently tried to update and remove a collection item from my credit report and used the services of a credit repair company without getting positive results. In January 2012, I was in need of a new car. The 17 year old car I was...


If you have been harassed by unscrupulous debt collectors, you have the right to fight back in court. In the United States, debt collectors must follow the rules outlined in the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA...


George Cole, President of NCES hosts LIVE credit coaching calls every Monday and Wednesday evening at 7:30 eastern. The calls are FREE and packed with valuable information you can start using immediately to improve your credit.



National Credit Educational Service [NCES] is a 501c3 nonprofit credit repair, education and counseling company. We can teach you how credit works, how to fix your credit report, and – most importantly – how to overcome the financial hardships of your past while building a brighter, more secure future. Everybody deserves a second chance!

The NCES mission is to:

Empower consumers to take control of their credit profiles and build positive financial futures by teaching:

  • • How credit and compound interest work, and how to use them to your advantage to build wealth
  • • How to rebuild poor credit while maintaining your dignity
  • • How to master important tools and strategies to maintain good credit for life



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Credit Education

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