4 Things NCES Credit Restoration Can Do, 1 Thing We Promise, and Something NCES Does Better Than Anyone Else

What can NCES credit restoration do for me?

We hear that question a lot. We say that we’re different from your other options for assistance with your credit score. But, you want to know exactly HOW are we different.

Well, here you go. Below are 4 things NCES can do for you, 1 thing we promise, and 1 thing we do better than anyone else.

4 Things NCES Can Do For You and Your Credit Score

1. Find and challenge errors and inaccuracies

More than 4 million Americans have errors on their credit report that can negatively affect their credit scores. There’s a good chance you are one of them.

Our credit experts will go through your credit reports from all three credit reporting companies with a fine-toothed comb to find those errors and inaccuracies. Once we find them, we will aggressively challenge them on your behalf. Once these errors are corrected or removed, your credit score should rise accordingly.

2. Challenge collections

Challenging collections is one of our specialties. Debt collection companies are notoriously bad record keepers. They buy and sell collection accounts for pennies on the dollar, knowing that their chances of collecting are pretty slim. In the process of all this buying and selling, they rarely keep track of the account documentation. And that’s why we are so successful. If they don’t have the documentation to prove YOU owe the money and, more specifically, you owe it to THEM, they have no legal grounds to collect.

Once a collection account is proven invalid, it can be deleted from your report. The larger the dollar amount of the deleted collection, the more your score will likely rise.

3. Challenge anything past its statute of limitation

Everyone thinks that 7 years is the magic number for how long negative records stay on your credit report. That is true for most bankruptcies, but that’s not always the case for other types of debts. Each state has its own rules, and they can be different for the various types of debt. Once the statute of limitation is expired we can petition to have it removed.

For example, here in Georgia (where our home office is located), the statute of limitation on debts is either 4 or 6 years, depending on the type of contract used. For a complete list by state, see this article from Bankrate.

Debt collectors have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to try to “reset” the statute of limitation so they have more time to hound you. Their favorite is to ask for a small “good faith payment” – don’t do it!!! We’re wise to their tricks. They can’t pull a fast one over on us.

Learn how to safely communicate with debt collectors.

4. Challenge repos, judgments, and bankruptcies

Mistakes happen. People make errors. If that’s the case with a repossession, bankruptcy, or judgement on your credit report, it can legally be removed.

We will help you challenge all of these types of records. If the creditors cannot provide the appropriate documentation, the record is considered invalid and can be removed. Always remember, the burden of proof is on the creditor. And, surprisingly often, they cannot provide adequate proof.

1 Thing NCES Promises to You

We promise that we will provide you with all the information and educational resources you need to keep your credit on the right path for the rest of your life.

Your restored credit score is just one part of an overall healthy financial lifestyle. We provide support for budgeting, using credit cards wisely, how to leverage your credit to build assets, and creating lifelong wealth.

Keeping your credit score healthy is an active process. We promise that you will have access to the tools you need to make it happen.

What resources do we have? Our weekly blog, a great Facebook community, Credit Coaching calls every Monday night, a terrific ebook called 4 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score Fast, with new resources continually under development.

Something NCES Does Better Than Anyone Else

NCES credit restoration is unique in that we actively RESTORE your credit rather than simply trying to delete everything negative. We do this by negotiating with the credit reporting companies to reclassify late payments and negative accounts to “paid as agreed, never late”.

Late payments are like dead weight pulling down your credit score. In fact, just one recent 90-day late payment can have the same effect on your credit score as a one or two-year-old bankruptcy!

Reversing bad credit is what makes us different – and what we do better than anyone else you might find offering credit restoration.

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This information is intended for informational and educational purposes only and not as legal advice. If you have concerns about your credit report, harassment, identity theft, illegal collections activity, garnishments, or property liens, you should consult an attorney who specializes in consumer rights and defense.

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