About Us

National Credit Educational Services [NCES]
is a 501c3 nonprofit organization offering free credit counseling and education. We can teach you how credit works, how to fix your credit report, and – most importantly – how to overcome the financial hardships of your past while building a brighter, more secure future. We also offer very affordable credit repair services to address errors and inconsistencies on your credit report. Everybody deserves a second chance!

The NCES mission is to:

Empower consumers to take control of their credit profiles and build positive financial futures by teaching:

  • •How credit and compound interest work, and how to use them to your advantage to build wealth
  • •How to rebuild poor credit while maintaining your dignity, including successful communication with credit reporting agencies, collection agencies, and creditors
  • •How to master important tools and strategies to maintain good credit for life


Your credit profile is your financial fingerprint and identifies who you are to potential creditors. When you apply for any type of financing, for a credit card, or even for an apartment lease, your credit score is a major deciding factor. Good credit means better financing and lower interest rates. A low credit score usually means high interest rates and bigger monthly payments – if you get approved at all.

At National Credit Educational Service [NCES], we teach you how to avoid the pitfalls of credit, how to overcome the tricks and traps that some lenders seem to lay out specifically to target you, and how to protect your reestablished credit moving forward into the future. Education is essential on the journey to your financial success!

Best of all, these credit counseling and educational services are free!

Contact NCES today to schedule your initial consultation.

National Credit Educational Services [NCES] also provides credit restoration services. Through education and advocacy, we’ll help you navigate the financial restructuring of your life. There are rules to every process, and we can teach you step by step.

Through our Credit Restoration Services, we can:

  • •Help you challenge all three credit reporting agencies to remove inaccurate, obsolete, outdated and erroneous information from your credit report.
  • •Show you how to effectively dispute collection agencies and medical claims.
  • •Teach you how to protect your credit during a hardships like job loss, illness, and divorce.
  • •Advise you on how to get student loans back on track and help you understand IRS defaults.

It is important to note that deleting items from your credit report only represents 10% of the credit problem. NCES will also teach you how to create a workable budget.  No one likes the word budget, but setting and maintaining a budget is a critical step along the path to your success.

At National Credit Education Services [NCES], we don’t just show you how to fix your credit, we teach you the skills you need to build a secure financial future.

pic_horiz_05 George Cole, President of National Credit Education Services [NCES], has been counseling people worldwide on the subject of credit for nearly twenty years. He has helped countless individuals recover from seemingly unrecoverable financial situations. As a former executive for corporate credit companies, he has an insider’s perspective of how the credit industry operates. George is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on the credit reporting process and personal credit recovery. His experience fuels his passion for teaching consumers how to use credit as an asset rather than a liability. He travels coast to coast teaching live seminars and has appeared on Fox News as a credit expert and NBC News as a panelist. Contact NCES today to see how George can help you.