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0% financing is a great deal… or is it?
So I have this friend. Let’s call her Sherri. Sherri is smart, funny, and generally good with money. But she made a really dumb decision last year… and she is STILL paying for it. You see, Sherri got a raise and decided to treat herself to something nice – a new tv for her living room. She shopped all the ads and found a beautiful 54 inch...
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Cosigning a loan is a two way street
… with lots of road blocks. And it makes sense why. If you need a cosigner to qualify for a loan, one (or more) of these things is true:
  • You have a troubled credit history and a low credit score
  • You have no credit or your credit history is very short
  • You are asking for a larger loan than your current finances can support
In other words, you are a...
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Need a Quick Credit Fix? Here are Three!
Your credit score is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity. If your score is less than ideal, you can be turned down for a mortgage, get denied for a business loan, and miss out on a better job. What is a good score? Anything over 750 is considered "very good". Above 700 is "good" and scores below 650 are considered "poor". So... aim for 650...
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