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Starting Your Dream Business When Your Credit Is a Nightmare
I meet people all the time who have incredible ideas for businesses. Ideas that would revitalize our communities… make life easier for countless folks… and bring financial wellness to their families. But – they can’t make those dreams a reality because they don’t have the personal credit rating they need to qualify for business financing. If this sounds familiar… keep reading. You have more options than you...
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Good Credit Score News for People with Medical Collections
Last Summer, FICO (the company that creates the software used to calculate credit scores), released a new update to its scoring system called FICO 9. The goal of FICO 9 was to reduce the effect past due medical debt has on a person’s credit score, especially if they have an otherwise clean credit history. Why is this a big deal? Consider these...
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The Dark Side of Compound Interest
It is so easy to pull that little piece of plastic out of your wallet when you see something you want. It doesn’t even feel like you’re actually spending money. The amount of each individual purchase is usually small. But the trouble comes when all those little purchases add up over time. Throw a big purchase or two into the mix, and things can get out...
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