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What is a debt management plan?
On the surface, a debt management plan is pretty much what it sounds like – a plan to manage your debt. But it can take several different forms depending on how you set it up and what your goals are. Most people start looking into a debt management plan only after they are having trouble paying their credit card bills and other debts. If that’s the...
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This Bad Money Habit Is Killing Your Future
Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? Maybe biting your nails or swearing too much? It’s hard to do. It takes consistent effort, practice, and perseverance. Now just imagine how hard it would be to break a bad habit that you don’t realize is bad… One that is so common that it seems like everyone around does it too.  You would have to be the “different”...
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Cheap Summer Vacation Ideas That Are Fun Too!
Sun… sand… road trips… … and debt? Seems like somewhere along the line we got it in our heads that summer vacations were a “must”, even when we can’t really afford them. Why rack up debt to go on vacation when you can have a whole lot of fun on a cheap summer vacation without burning through a whole lot of cash? With a little planning and preparation, you can...
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