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Credit Restoration Begins A Journey Of Hope For Seniors
Making a new financial start at any age is difficult, but it can be particularly challenging if you're already close to retirement age. But don't lose hope! With a little bit of financial knowledge and dedicated work, you can get back on your feet and enjoy the retirement that you deserve. People are living longer than ever before. Often well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. You...
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What does renter’s insurance have to do with my credit score?
If your apartment burned to the ground tomorrow, could you afford to replace everything you own? If you are like most folks who rent, probably not. The truth is, if you rent, you live every day just one mishap away from financial ruin… unless you have renter’s insurance. Why? Your landlord’s insurance only covers the structure. The stuff inside is your responsibility. It happened just last week in...
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Six Places to NEVER use your Debit Card
The bank issuing your debit card offers fraud protection like a credit card, with one BIG exception. Your debit card has a direct link to the REAL money in your checking account. A crook can clean you out in 10 seconds flat. How are you going to pay the bills while you are waiting months for your bank to complete a fraud investigation? It’s better to...
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