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Three Ways To Improve Your Finances After Tax Season
Tax day has come and gone… thumbs up to you if you filed your return on time! Bonus points if you already have a plan for your refund. Roughly 75% of tax filers get a refund of some sort, averaging around $2700 for the past few years. Sure, it would be nice to have had that money throughout the...
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Child Identity Theft Hits 1 in 10 Families
Identity theft is nothing new. But with so much of our personal information stored electronically these days, and the recent rise of hacks and breaches, identity theft continues to be a growing concern. Of particular importance today is child identity theft.  A child's identity is very attractive to criminals because it provides a basically clean slate. They can take a child's social security number, link it to...
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Four Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund
If you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with tax season. You love the idea of having that fat tax refund check headed your way but hate it because the money is always gone before you know it. Let’s do it differently this year. NOW is the time to make a plan – BEFORE that check is in your hot little hands. Spend...
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