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Inspiration And Information from NCES’s Founder George Cole
George Cole, founder and President of NCES, gets fired up whenever he talks about the credit industry and the very important differences between credit "repair" and Credit Restoration. In this 26 minute interview, he lays it out for you plain and clear: "Don't surrender your credit score to someone who doesn't understand the true anatomy of credit!" Are YOU fired...
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Three things you can do today to improve your credit score
Ready to improve your credit score? We wish there were tricks and shortcuts we could teach you… but there aren’t. Building a better credit score takes time and effort – but there are a few things you can do right now to give yourself a head start!

#1: Ask for a credit limit increase

One of the main factors used to calculate your credit score is your...
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Getting the Most Out of Your NCES Credit Restoration Process
Congratulations! You’ve begun your NCES Credit Restoration process! (Or maybe you are just thinking about getting started…) Either way, we have some tips and advice to help you get the most out of the process. The more you take this process seriously, and the more effort you put in to developing positive credit habits, the better the results will be – and the longer they will...
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