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How Long Should It Take To See Results After Starting NCES Credit Restoration?
When you start your NCES credit restoration program, you want results. Fast. So how long does it take to start seeing results after starting credit restoration? The simplest answer is between 21 – 45 days. The more accurate answer is… it depends. The fact is, how fast you see changes on your credit report (or in your credit score) depend on many factors:  
The Paperwork
  There are just a few key...
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Anatomy of Your Credit Score
For a number that can affect so many parts of our lives, most people know very little about how a credit score is calculated. More than 90% of businesses use the FICO system to make lending decisions. FICO (the company) does not actually calculate each credit score. They sell the software that calculates them to the “big three” credit reporting companies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). Each credit...
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