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Attack of the robots! All cell phones at risk (maybe).
The new budget deal President Obama signed into law on November 2nd is getting a lot of press… and not in a good way. Yeah… we have a new federal budget. Yeah… we avoided another government shut down. But, there’s one little section added on to the law that allows debt collectors to robocall your cell phone if you are behind on a federal student...
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Six Things to never say to a debt collector

Dealing with debt collectors is tricky business... especially because they are trained to lay traps for you when they call. Double talk, empty promises, and flat-out lies will paint you in a corner and eliminate any bargaining room you may once have had.

When it comes to debt collectors, the less you say the better - especially if you have any doubts...

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NCES Invited to Explain Key Credit Reporting Problems To Legislators In Washington, DC
George Cole, president of National Credit Educational Services, was recently invited by the Atlanta Business League to present key credit reporting problems and legislation recommendations to a group of legislators in Washington, DC. Below is a summary of his findings and legislative recommendations.  You DO have a friend in Washington! Problem #1: Credit reporting agencies change date of “most recent activity” on credit...
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