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3 Instant Credit Score Fixes
Building a solid credit score takes time and effort, but there are a few things you can do to give your credit score a quick boost.  But be careful… sometimes people share credit score tricks that are dishonest (even bordering on illegal) or can end up causing you trouble later on. Below are my three favorite credit-boosting tips. They are simple, legal, and worry free!
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7 Ways to Improve Your Credit
By George Cole If you have less than perfect credit, you understand how hard it can be to get approved for good financing. Unless you’re prepared to lose both an arm and a leg to high interest rates, you’d better do something about your credit before you try to finance your next large purchase. “Doing something” about your credit score is easier than you think once you...
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Understanding the FICO Formula
For a number that helps determine so many things in our lives, we consumers know surprisingly little about how our credit scores are calculated. More closely guarded than the secret recipe for Coca Cola, the FICO formula was first developed in 1956 by two math gurus, Bill Fair and Earl Isaac, to help lenders determine the creditworthiness of potential customers. Back then, they created a different...
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