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How To Prevent Identity Theft During the Holidays
Identity theft reports always rise during the holidays. Why? We are busy, distracted, and often caught up in a spirit of kindness and generosity. We let our guard down just a little… and that is all they need. Here are 6 recommendations to help you keep your identity safe this holiday season:

Pass on the new store card applications.

Sure, the 10% off your total purchase offer is attractive,...
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Child Identity Theft Hits 1 in 10 Families
Identity theft is nothing new. But with so much of our personal information stored electronically these days, and the recent rise of hacks and breaches, identity theft continues to be a growing concern. Of particular importance today is child identity theft.  A child's identity is very attractive to criminals because it provides a basically clean slate. They can take a child's social security number, link it to...
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Social Media, Identity Theft, and Debt Collectors
Being active on social media is a great way to reconnect with old friends and find new ones, but it offers a dangerous window of opportunity for identity thieves and debt collectors. Many social media sites make money by selling targeted advertising. They encourage users to provide as much personal information as possible so they can charge more for better targeting. The problem is that your...
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