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Rising Home Prices Make Credit Restoration Critical
The housing bubble has popped and now we are facing rapidly rising home prices in many parts of the country. If you want to buy a home, but have less than perfect credit, you need to put your plan into high gear. If you wait too long to restore your credit and buy a home, you may end up paying FAR more than you should (for less...
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Attack of the robots! All cell phones at risk (maybe).
The new budget deal President Obama signed into law on November 2nd is getting a lot of press… and not in a good way. Yeah… we have a new federal budget. Yeah… we avoided another government shut down. But, there’s one little section added on to the law that allows debt collectors to robocall your cell phone if you are behind on a federal student...
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Why it’s time to jump into the housing market – even if you have so-so credit
There is something truly special about owning your own home. It’s YOURS. A badge of honor to wear as a celebration of how hard you work to provide for those you love. (Yes… there are plenty of arguments for NOT buying a home, especially if you live in certain cities like in this article) But, for the sake of THIS article, we are going to...
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