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Why it’s time to jump into the housing market – even if you have so-so credit
There is something truly special about owning your own home. It’s YOURS. A badge of honor to wear as a celebration of how hard you work to provide for those you love. (Yes… there are plenty of arguments for NOT buying a home, especially if you live in certain cities like in this article) But, for the sake of THIS article, we are going to...
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Do you qualify for one of these Student Loan Forgiveness Programs?
Did you know that there are five different ways to qualify for student loan forgiveness? And as long as you make your required payments on time, your credit score will not be hurt by entering into one of these plans. Each program has its own rules and regulations… so we made this handy checklist for you to start your investigation.
  1. If you are a teacher or education professional...
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