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NCES Invited to Explain Key Credit Reporting Problems To Legislators In Washington, DC
George Cole, president of National Credit Educational Services, was recently invited by the Atlanta Business League to present key credit reporting problems and legislation recommendations to a group of legislators in Washington, DC. Below is a summary of his findings and legislative recommendations.  You DO have a friend in Washington! Problem #1: Credit reporting agencies change date of “most recent activity” on credit...
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Why the “Big 3” Credit Bureaus are not your friend
The information on your credit report can unlock new and exciting opportunities or bring your dreams to a screeching halt. For something that has so much power over the course of our lives, most of us know very little about the “Big 3” credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). And what we *think* we know is often wrong!

So where did they come from? How...

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Good Credit Score News for People with Medical Collections
Last Summer, FICO (the company that creates the software used to calculate credit scores), released a new update to its scoring system called FICO 9. The goal of FICO 9 was to reduce the effect past due medical debt has on a person’s credit score, especially if they have an otherwise clean credit history. Why is this a big deal? Consider these...
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