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Up Your Success Game: Put your 2016 Goals on Display For The World To See
Are you ready? Is 2016 going to be THE year you make it happen? Yes, it can be. If you set yourself up for success. The trouble with New Year’s Resolutions is that promises we make to ourselves are the easiest to break. It’s just a quirk of human nature. We need a little social pressure to keep ourselves honest. When we know others are watching to...
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Talkin’ Turkey About Life And your Future on Thanksgiving
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving – a day we are supposed to relish in the joys of our lives and surround ourselves with loving friends and family. For some of us, however, there doesn’t seem to be much to be thankful for. We’re struggling every day. Finances… rocky relationships… health problems… the list goes on. Life is hard. It always has been, and it always will be. But, anything worth...
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Attack of the robots! All cell phones at risk (maybe).
The new budget deal President Obama signed into law on November 2nd is getting a lot of press… and not in a good way. Yeah… we have a new federal budget. Yeah… we avoided another government shut down. But, there’s one little section added on to the law that allows debt collectors to robocall your cell phone if you are behind on a federal student...
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