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5 Important Changes That Will Affect Your Credit Report This Year (maybe)
Thank you New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman! After a year-long investigation and aggressive negotiations, the three big credit reporting companies have some important changes to make. This is a win for consumer rights across the nation… but don’t celebrate just yet. Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax have more than three years to implement the required changes and the burden of proof will still be on the consumers when...
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Abusive Collection Companies Taken Down (Again) by the Federal Trade Commission
The Federal Trade Commission sends a very clear message to renegade debt collectors: “If you abuse consumers, you lose… everything!” 63 abusive collection companies and individuals across the US are forever banned from operating in the debt collection business thanks to lawsuits filed (and won) by the FTC. According to the lawsuits, these companies must stop all operations and surrender their assets – some...
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Four Smart Ways To Use Your Tax Refund
If you’re anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with tax season. You love the idea of having that fat tax refund check headed your way but hate it because the money is always gone before you know it. Let’s do it differently this year. NOW is the time to make a plan – BEFORE that check is in your hot little hands. Spend...
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