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Why did my credit score drop?
We love a good surprise. An unexpected visit from an old friend… a nice bonus in your paycheck… a special gift just because… But there’s one surprise you’re never happy to get – seeing your credit score drop! There are only a few reasons why your credit score will drop. If you see your credit score drop, especially if it catches you off guard, you should...
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Getting the Most Out of Your NCES Credit Restoration Process
Congratulations! You’ve begun your NCES Credit Restoration process! (Or maybe you are just thinking about getting started…) Either way, we have some tips and advice to help you get the most out of the process. The more you take this process seriously, and the more effort you put in to developing positive credit habits, the better the results will be – and the longer they will...
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How do I get a better credit score?
There are four golden rules to get a better credit score. These rules are based on the factors that the credit reporting companies use to calculate credit scores based on the FICO scoring system.

#1: Pay on time every month

Making late payments is the easiest way to damage your credit score. When money gets tight, the natural choice is to pay the necessities first - like food, rent,...
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