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Unexpected Things That Can Trigger a Hard Inquiry on Your Credit
When you work to improve your credit, every little bit matters. That's why you work hard to pay off debt. You pay attention to how you manage your credit. You sacrifice some short-term pleasures for long-term freedom. You feel proud of the work you've done. But, when you check your credit score you realize that it has gone down. What happened?! The culprit might be a hard...
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5 Tips to protect your identity in 2018
If you think identity theft is someone stealing your credit card and buying a new pair of shoes, think again. People’s lives get torn apart when their identity is stolen. In some cases, it takes years to make it right again.  

Identity Theft is Like You Have an Evil Twin

Here are just a few cases of good people being victimized by those committing fraud: Stancy Nesby...
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The New Tax Law and the Small Business Owner
What a lot of noise there is these days about the new tax law. This blog will provide a few preliminary ideas on how you may be affected by the new tax law. However, before you make any decisions, contact your tax professional. Taxes are complicated no matter how you look at it - but much more so when they change the laws.  

Can’t I just...

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