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Financial Resilience – Do You Have It?
One of the keys to a successful life is  resilience - this goes double for your financial resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Difficulties are a given in life. In your financial life, they can appear as unexpected drains on your resources. They may be completely unexpected, like a sudden medical problem, or they may be a surprise only from their inconvenient timing....
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What Does My Fico Score Mean?
You probably understand that your FICO credit score is an important number.  But do you know what those three numbers really mean? Good... Fair... Excellent... Exceptional... It's enough to make you cross-eyed! Where your measure up on the FICO scoring scale affects many parts of your life - not just what interest rates you can get on a credit card or mortgage. We're talking job opportunities, utility...
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9 Ways To Help Overcome Medical Debt
Overwhelming medical debt pushes far too many families over the edge into bankruptcy. The sad part is that, in many cases, filing bankruptcy is completely unnecessary. There are many options available to consumers to help with medical debt, they are just not very well known. If you, a relative, or a friend is facing large medical bills or collections, please share this information with them! - Read...
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