Credit Education Call Recordings

Miss our weekly credit education call? Need answers to your questions right away?  Look at our credit education call recordings first!

Each Monday evening, George Cole, the founder and president of National Credit Educational Services hosts a free, live educational teleconference.  Many calls are recorded and stored here for you to listen to at your convenience.

Scroll down to browse all the call titles or choose a topic category below:

Rebuilding Your Credit
Buying A Home / Mortgages
The True Costs of Bad Credit
Dealing With Debt Collectors
Why Good Credit is So Important

How Credit Scores are Calculated
Avoiding Bankruptcy
How NCES Helps Restore Credit
Secrets of Credit Reporting Agencies

Rebuilding Your Credit

Focusing on Your Credit Even In Times of Tragedy  27 minutes

How To Overcome Bad Credit  25 minutes

Top 10 Things to do NOW Improve Your Credit  26 minutes

How To Create A Strong Credit Score  22 minutes

How To Begin Restructuring Your Credit  29 minutes

Avoiding The Pitfalls and Traps of Credit  25 minutes

Teaching Your Child About Credit  23 minutes

A Message of Hope For Retirees  61 minutes

Why Credit Knowledge is Vital  24 minutes

Credit Is Not As Complicated As It Seems  25 minutes

Avoiding The Traps of Credit  22 minutes

Developing Good Credit In The New Economy  26 minutes

Win the Game of Credit by Knowing The Rules  19 minutes

Don’t Allow Anything To Come Between You and Your Goals  47 minutes

Budgeting 101  32 minutes


Buying a Home / Qualifying for a Mortgage

Buy A Home In 90 Days!  25 minutes

Buying A Home Is Not As Difficult As You Think  22 minutes

What Do Lenders Look For When You Apply?  31 minutes

Leveraging Credit to Build Assets  28 minutes

Budgeting Toward A Goal (Home & Retirement)  24 minutes


The True Costs of Bad Credit

“Bad Credit” Loans Are Expensive  28 minutes

Why Bad Credit Hurts You So Much  19 minutes

The Epidemic Of Bad Credit  28 minutes

If You Are Casual About Your Credit… You’ll Become A Victim  28 minutes

The Cost of Bad Credit  25 minutes

No More Excuses  46 minutes

Why Are We Comfortable With Bad Credit?  26 Minutes


Dealing With Debt Collectors

Attorney Chuck Douglas Teaches How To Fight Back Against Debt Collectors – Part 1 29 minutes
Part 2  36 minutes  Part 3  43 minutes

Knowing When to Settle a Debt  33 minutes

Debt Collections 101 With Attorney Chuck Douglas  55 minutes

Protecting Yourself From Aggressive Debt Collectors  39 minutes


Why Good Credit is So Important

Your Wealth Is In Your Credit Report  23 minutes

The Benefits of Good Credit  26 minutes

What Would Dr. King Tell Us To Do In These Times?  25 minutes

Leveraging Credit To Build Assets  21 minutes

How Your Credit Affects Your Job  28 minutes

Why Restructuring Your Credit Is So Important  28 minutes

Starting Your Own Business  31 minutes

The Value of Good Credit  27 minutes

Special Considerations About Credit For The New Year  25 minutes

How To Manage Credit Properly  26 minutes

The Power of Good Credit  31 minutes


How Credit Scores are Calculated

How To Develop A Credit Score  29 minutes

The Anatomy of Credit  26 minutes

How Erroneous Information Lowers Your Credit Score  30 minutes

The Logic of Credit  17 minutes


Avoiding Bankruptcy

How To Avoid Bankruptcy  24 minutes

The Correct Way To Use A Bankruptcy w/ Attorney Angeline Wright – Part 1  25 minutes
Part 2  30 minutes  Part 3  30 minutes


How NCES Helps Restore Credit

Integrity in the Credit Restoration Industry 27 minutes

What Is NCES?  25 minutes

How NCES Makes Your Credit Report More Accurate  41 minutes

How NCES Helps Improve Credit  22 minutes

How Credit Education & Restoration Affect Your Life  23 minutes


Secrets of The Credit Reporting Agencies

Intro to the Three Credit Reporting Agencies  19 minutes

Understanding the Big 3 Credit Reporting Companies  25 minutes

Unfair Credit Reporting Practices  31 minutes

How the CRA’s Make Money Off You 23 minutes

Where The “Big 3” Get Their Information  25 minutes

How the Credit Reporting Agencies and FICO Shape Our Lives  27 minutes