Credit Education

learnAs they say, knowledge is power! Education is essential on your journey to financial success. National Credit Educational Services [NCES] is dedicated to providing the information you need to start you on your journey of recovery.

NCES provides the most comprehensive information about credit education in today’s market. All of our educational materials are available to you for free. All you have to do is contact us with your questions.

We Focus On:

  1. Ensuring our clients understand the laws that protect them from unlawful debt collection practices.
  2. Helping our clients rebuild their credit reports by teaching them the positive behaviors the three major credit reporting agencies look for when reevaluating credit scores.
  3. Providing our clients with tips and shortcuts that will continue to reduce debt and increase credit scores through an understanding of how daily interest rates can affect principle and balance payoffs.
  4. Supplying our clients with knowledge about budgeting and provide them with useful formulas and worksheets that will enable them to form a business, start a family, save for college, or plan for retirement.
  5. Encouraging our clients to make sound decisions that will lead to financial success and steering them away from choices that create negative equity and may tarnish their credit.
  6. Providing our clients updated, easy to use resources and tools to protect them in the event of financial hardship.
  7. Explaining the many do’s and don’ts of purchasing a home and obtaining a mortgage.
  8. Evaluating the pros and cons of bankruptcy in general, and the specific differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy with respect to each client’s individual situation.


NCES-logo-smallEducation doesn’t ever stop. As your partner in success, we provide ongoing education and support. As the financial landscape of the world changes, we will adapt and offer you the most accurate information available. Continued credit education with NCES provides you with the tools you need to overcome the negative financial situations you are facing today and feel secure about building a better financial future for tomorrow.

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