Credit Counseling


At National Credit Education Services [NCES], our Credit Counseling Sessions are FREE and include these 4 phases:

1. Evaluation

Helping You See Your Financial State Isn’t As Bad As You Think– Consumers usually think their situation is beyond repair, but it’s hard to be objective when you’re in the thick of it. NCES will dissect your current situation and give a diagnosis for a path to financial security.

2. Planning

Creating a Budget– Budgets are key to the success of long lasting prosperity. A well planned budget can put your financial picture into focus and build a framework for moving beyond the cycle of debt. Itemizing your bills in detail allows you to clearly see how much income you need to live on and how much you can dedicate to debt elimination and wealth building. NCES can help you go on a successful “financial diet”.

Understanding Bankruptcy and If It’s The Right Answer for You– Bankruptcy is a valuable tool, but needs to be handled with care. It may be the best option for some consumers, but many choose the wrong type of bankruptcy. Often, consumers think bankruptcy is their only option, but there are many other options to try before filing for bankruptcy. Before you talk to an attorney please talk to NCES first.

3. Restoration

Negotiating with Collection Agencies– Collection agencies frequently attempt to collect debts past the statute of limitation. These debts can be challenged legally and then forgiven, without further harm to your credit. We’ll teach you how to talk to collection agencies and how to best respond to their phone calls and letters.

Creating a Plan of Repayment Due to Hardships– If you’ve suffered a hardship through job loss, injury, or family crisis, AND have a good payment history with your creditors, NCES can often help you negotiate an alternative payment plan. Options may include moving a few payments to the rear of your loan, asking for an extension, or allowing partial payment for 6 months. You will protect your good credit while you are recovering from a hardship by preventing late payments or penalties.

4. Maintenance

Creating a Plan for Financial Success– We will help you understand how interest works and how to adjust your budget as your situation improves. Over time, you will be able to leverage your credit to build asset instead of liabilities, helping you grow your wealth and build a secure financial future.


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