How Does Getting Married Affect My Credit Score?

“How does getting married affect my credit score?” That’s a question we hear pretty often. Getting married does change a lot of things, as “yours” and “mine” become “ours”. But, when it comes to your credit scores, it will still be “his” & “hers”.

Getting married means learning how to share many things – chores… the toothpaste… the tv remote. It also means learning how to share the financial responsibilities of life.

When you get married, you and your spouse will still have separate credit reports and individual credit scores, which is very good news if one of you has credit troubles. In other words, getting married does NOT combine your credit reports.

However, if you and your spouse have vastly different credit scores, there are a few things you need to know.

1. Your spouse’s poor credit will not affect your credit score directly. But, if you decide to open joint accounts, his or her poor spending habits can. Before you open any joint accounts, have the “money talk”. It may be a difficult discussion to have, but clear expectations and open communication are keys to success when handling money in a marriage (and just about everything else in a marriage, too!)

2. The spouse with the better credit score can apply for auto loans and credit cards solo to get the best rates and offers. In many situations, only one spouse’s credit score and income is required for financing approval.

3. If your scores are really lopsided, you may have a hard time qualifying for a good home mortgage. Most mortgage lenders require credit reports from both spouses to determine your interest rates and other loan terms. It is probably best to work on improving the lower credit score before you begin looking into a home loan.

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4. There’s no shame is seeking the help of a professional. Concerns over money are one of the leading causes of divorce. Lopsided credit scores in a marriage may indicate serious differences in how each spouse handles and feels about money. Financial planners, marriage counselors, and even some religious counselors can provide the help and information you need to keep your marriage happy and financially stable.

If you or your spouse would like to learn more about professional help for restoring a troubled credit report, you can request a free consultation from NCES. We’re a national nonprofit credit education and restoration company with a great track record. And, we’d love to be a part of your happily ever after!


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