How to check your credit report for free for the rest of your life

You know that you should check your credit report regularly to manage your credit score and keep tabs on your finances. But, it can get expensive to pay for monthly credit monitoring.

What if you could check your credit report for free… forever?

You can! And there are no tricks or gimmicks. All you need is a computer and a calendar.

Here’s how…

You are entitled by law to a free copy of your credit report each year from each of the three major credit reporting companies – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. If you spread them out just right, you can check your credit report every four months for the rest of your life without paying a dime.

The best place to get your credit report, and the only one approved by the federal government, is It’s completely free and there are no memberships to join or free trial offers to worry about.

The way it works is easy. Get one report this month, another in 4 months, and the third report 4 months after that. Schedule reminders into your phone or write them on your wall calendar so you don’t forget. It doesn’t matter what company you start with. We chose Experian for our example.

Use this chart to schedule when you check your credit reports.

"Free For Life" Credit Report Schedule


Find the current month in the Experian column. That’s where you start. Now read across that row to figure out when to order TransUnion and Equifax. Next year, repeat the pattern. Just make sure it is a day or two later in the month to be sure a full year has gone by. If you end up in the next month, that’s ok. Just keep track so you know what to do next year.

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OK… so you got a copy of your credit report. Now what?

Look over it carefully for errors, accounts you do not recognize, and any data that is more than 6 years old (or 10 years for a bankruptcy). These kinds of things are red flags for items that may be dragging your credit score down.

If you do find errors, contact the credit reporting agency first to determine their dispute process. Each company is different, and they change their rules from time to time. If the reporting agency denies your dispute, you can contact the original creditor listed on your credit report.

If you still have trouble, or would rather a professional handle the details for you, contact us. We’ve helped thousands of people rehabilitate their credit reports… and taught then the skills they need to keep them clean for life.

Important FYI – these free credit reports do not contain your actual credit score. If you do not know your current score, read this article for information on how to figure it out. (Look at the fifth paragraph)

If you continue to check your credit report like this every year, you will never be caught by surprise by errors or identity theft.

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This information is intended for informational and educational purposes only and not as legal advice. If you have concerns about your credit report, harassment, identity theft, illegal collections activity, garnishments, or property liens, you should consult an attorney who specializes in consumer rights and defense.

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