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Learn about the NCES Credit Restoration process and why NCES is so different:

George Cole (NCES founder) and Kay McCray (credit restoration specialist and real estate professional) were interviewed live on Albany, GA’s WALB News 10 by anchor Karla Heath Sands. They discussed the importance of credit education, what consumers should know about protecting their credit, and ensuring the accuracy of their credit reports. Lots of great information. Approx 7 minutes long. Aired Dec 21, 2017.  Running time: approx 7 min

11 Alive’s Demarco Morgan interviews George Cole about credit scores. Topics include: what scores are considered “good” in today’s economy, employer access to the personal credit reports of their employees, bankruptcy do’s and don’ts, and talking about credit scores on a date.   
Running Time: 2 min 52 sec (Click image below to play video in a new window)


Atlanta & Company’s Christine Pullara, George Cole, and Pamela Ramos discuss how FICO scores are calculated, important tips for improving your credit score, and how to build good credit when you are starting over.
Running Time: 7 min 10 sec (Click image below to play video in a new window)

Atl&Co screenshot for NCES feb 16 2015

Atlanta & Company’s Rashan Ali and George Cole discuss how to acquire a mortgage with less than perfect credit, stopping harassment by aggressive debt collectors, and why education is so important to achieving favorable credit.
Running Time: 8 min 15 sec (Click image below to play video in a new window)
George Cole Atl and Co dec 16 2014

George Cole and Coco Brother from Praise 102.5 FM team up to inspire and empower. They teach listeners how to stay calm and focused when making decisions that affect long-term financial situation.
Running Time: 8 min 28 sec

Full NCES Credit Education and Restoration seminar: Topics include credit basics, how credit reporting agencies work, the meaning of FICO scores, 6 methods to establish (or re-establish) good credit, the pros and cons of secured credit cards, how to communicate with collection agencies, leveraging credit to build access, budgeting basics, and recovering after a major financial setback.
Running Time: 1 hr 5 min

Another complete credit education seminar from NCES.
Running Time: 54 min

Mini Credit Education seminar: Topics Include how the Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers, how credit reporting agencies work, how errors get on your credit report, how your credit score is calculated, and how to create a good credit record.
Running Time: 35 min

The NCES television commercial.
Running Time: 31 sec

George Cole on the Frank Ski and Wanda V103 FM radio show: Even a radio personality like Frank Ski can get turned down for a car loan when there are errors on his credit report! Listen in as Frank explains how George Cole and NCES help him fix the errors on his credit report and drive away in a brand new car in just two weeks.
Running Time: 14 min 43 sec

George Cole on Atlanta & Co Channel 11: Topics Include how credit reporting agencies affect your credit, how to spot common fraudulent garnishment practices, how to stop harassing phone calls from collection agencies, and how to eliminate fear when dealing with uncertain financial situations.
Running Time: 8 min 1 sec (Click on image below to play video in new window)
George Cole 11 Alive Interview