3 lies credit repair scam artists love to tell
Credit repair is big business in America... but not all so-called "credit repair" professionals operate legitimately. They are out for a quick buck at your expense. They'll stop at nothing to  get the sale... even as far a spinning a web of dangerous lies. Here are three of the worst lies we've heard from credit repair scam artists.  
Lie # 1. They'll tell you they can create...
Six Things to never say to a debt collector

Dealing with debt collectors is tricky business... especially because they are trained to lay traps for you when they call. Double talk, empty promises, and flat-out lies will paint you in a corner and eliminate any bargaining room you may once have had.

When it comes to debt collectors, the less you say the better - especially if you have any doubts...

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How to check your credit report for free for the rest of your life
You know that you should check your credit report regularly to manage your credit score and keep tabs on your finances. But, it can get expensive to pay for monthly credit monitoring. What if you could check your credit report for free... forever? You can! And there are no tricks or gimmicks. All you need is a computer and a calendar. Here's how... You are entitled by law to a free copy...
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