The New Tax Law and the Small Business Owner
What a lot of noise there is these days about the new tax law. This blog will provide a few preliminary ideas on how you may be affected by the new tax law. However, before you make any decisions, contact your tax professional. Taxes are complicated no matter how you look at it - but much more so when they change the laws.  

Can’t I just...

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Financial Resilience – Do You Have It?
One of the keys to a successful life is  resilience - this goes double for your financial resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Difficulties are a given in life. In your financial life, they can appear as unexpected drains on your resources. They may be completely unexpected, like a sudden medical problem, or they may be a surprise only from their inconvenient timing....
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7 Financial Resolutions to Start 2018 Off Right
The holidays are over, which means it’s time to buckle down and take a serious look at your financial goals for 2018. Here are 7 financial resolutions for the New Year to help you get this year started off right.

Resolution 1: Track Your Expenses and Create a Budget

One of the first steps to understanding your finances is understanding how you spend your money. Take the...
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