Hard Credit Inquiries vs Soft Credit Inquiries
Credit inquiries are included in the "New Credit" category that makes up 10% of your credit score. That's not a huge amount, but it's still important.

So what exactly is a credit inquiry?

Credit inquiries occurs when you or someone else checks your credit report with one of the three credit reporting agencies. There are two types of credit: soft inquiries and hard inquiries.


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How To Prevent Identity Theft During the Holidays
Identity theft reports always rise during the holidays. Why? We are busy, distracted, and often caught up in a spirit of kindness and generosity. We let our guard down just a little… and that is all they need. Here are 6 recommendations to help you keep your identity safe this holiday season:

Pass on the new store card applications.

Sure, the 10% off your total purchase offer is attractive,...
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9 Ways To Help Overcome Medical Debt
Overwhelming medical debt pushes far too many families over the edge into bankruptcy. The sad part is that, in many cases, filing bankruptcy is completely unnecessary. There are many options available to consumers to help with medical debt, they are just not very well known. If you, a relative, or a friend is facing large medical bills or collections, please share this information with them! - Read...
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