4 Credit Cards for “So-So”™ Credit
capitalHere is some great information for anyone that is looking to rebuilding their line of credit. This article was featured on MSN Money and offers very good information on the type of credit cards that people with so-so credit can apply for. Premium rewards cards and low annual percentage rates are typically reserved for the credit elite,...
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How to Connect With NCES via Email, RSS & Social Media
socialNational Credit Educational Services (NCES) has grown immensely since its humble beginnings in 1996. As we continue to move from a niche blog to a full-fledged credit education site, the topics we cover and the ways readers connect with us are changing. With this restructuring of  National Credit Educational Services (NCES) content comes a change in our presence on...
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Ethnic Disparities in America
newsYou can look at this article (Huffington Post) as unjust and advocate anger but in all actuality, it's our lack of education. Everything listed in this report are facts and derives from lack of financial clarity. Minorities have to understand how wealth can be easily created, transferred, maintained and grown. After reading this article the answers are...
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