Beware! Bad Credit and Depression Are Linked
Everyone has bills to pay. But, when your debt spirals out of control it can lead to bad credit and stress. Are you past due on your bills? Disconnection notices in the mail? Calls from collection agencies? Who wouldn’t be stressed! For some people, bad credit and stress can lead to depression. That’s a difficult road to travel alone.

Scientists have proof that bad credit and depression...

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3 Money Skills Teens Must Learn Before They Leave Home
Do you have a teenager at home? Are you worried that he or she doesn’t have all the money skills needed to stay out of financial trouble after leaving the house? You are not alone. Many parents worry about teaching money skills. Teens can get themselves in a lot of financial trouble in no time at all! Before your teen leaves home, here are 3 money...
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Equifax Hack! Don’t Get Their Free Credit Monitoring Until You Read This!
The Equifax hack is a nightmare for more than 143 MILLION Americans whose data was stolen. More than HALF of America is at risk now that their personal information is “out there”. Driver’s license numbers… social security numbers… dates of birth… current and former addresses… employment history… income data… lists of creditors… The risk goes way beyond just someone using your name to take on fraudulent lines...
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