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Seven Ways to Stick to Your Budget
Yeah… we know. Budgets are not exciting. But, creating and sticking to a well-designed budget is the most important financial skill you will ever develop. Your budget is the foundation for your financial success in life. Your budget will help you get your credit on track and create the future you are dreaming of. Why is your budget so important? When you have a budget to guide your...
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The Dark Side of Compound Interest
It is so easy to pull that little piece of plastic out of your wallet when you see something you want. It doesn’t even feel like you’re actually spending money. The amount of each individual purchase is usually small. But the trouble comes when all those little purchases add up over time. Throw a big purchase or two into the mix, and things can get out...
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How does your budget measure up?
Planning out a budget (and then actually sticking to it) is one of the hardest, but most important, tasks you can do for your financial wellbeing. Nobody actually likes being on a budget (well, I’m sure some folks out there do, but I’ve never met them…). However, creating a useful budget can be pretty easy if you have a good resource. With the tools in this article,...
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