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19 Easy Tips to Get Out (And Stay Out) Of Debt!
Seems like everywhere you look, you get the same old advice for getting your finances on track. All fluff… no real meat. Well, we put our heads together and compiled this list of 19 tips to help you get out of debt, and stay out of debt for good. These tips are easy to put in to action, simple to understand, and proven to work! More Comments are closed
My credit report shows a debt I owe got “charged off”… now what?
Congratulations! You ordered a copy of your credit report. What’s that… you found a “charge off”? I bet you’re wondering what the heck that even means! Well, it means that the original creditor has given up on the hope that you wall pay your past due balance. But, the debt is NOT gone. You still owe the money… you just have to figure out...
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