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5 Tips to protect your identity in 2018
If you think identity theft is someone stealing your credit card and buying a new pair of shoes, think again. People’s lives get torn apart when their identity is stolen. In some cases, it takes years to make it right again.  

Identity Theft is Like You Have an Evil Twin

Here are just a few cases of good people being victimized by those committing fraud: Stancy Nesby...
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Equifax Hack! Don’t Get Their Free Credit Monitoring Until You Read This!
The Equifax hack is a nightmare for more than 143 MILLION Americans whose data was stolen. More than HALF of America is at risk now that their personal information is “out there”. Driver’s license numbers… social security numbers… dates of birth… current and former addresses… employment history… income data… lists of creditors… The risk goes way beyond just someone using your name to take on fraudulent lines...
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How To Prevent Identity Theft During the Holidays
Identity theft reports always rise during the holidays. Why? We are busy, distracted, and often caught up in a spirit of kindness and generosity. We let our guard down just a little… and that is all they need. Here are 6 recommendations to help you keep your identity safe this holiday season:

Pass on the new store card applications.

Sure, the 10% off your total purchase offer is attractive,...
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