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How to Erase a Tax Lien from Your Credit Report
A federal tax lien is one of those stubborn things that can stay on your credit report for years – actually seven full years after they have been paid in full. With a tax lien on your credit report, you may as well stamp “denied” on new credit applications. Not only will your credit score drop by between 50 and 200 points, you’ll also have a...
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How to turn your tax refund into something much bigger
It’s that time of year when folks wait impatiently for Uncle Sam to send them a big, fat tax refund check. If you are among the 80% on Americans getting your share of over $300 Billion in tax refund money this year… listen up! Chances are, that refund check is the biggest “paycheck” you’ll get all year. You are being given a golden opportunity to...
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