Ethnic Disparities in America

newsYou can look at this article (Huffington Post) as unjust and advocate anger but in all actuality, it’s our lack of education. Everything listed in this report are facts and derives from lack of financial clarity. Minorities have to understand how wealth can be easily created, transferred, maintained and grown. After reading this article the answers are simple.

You need a good accountant, 15 year mortgage, life insurance, retirement plans, a living will & trust, and most of all, a new actualization of what wealth looks like.

There is such a disparity, not because of talent but because a lack of education and the know how to leverage wealth. We provide comprehensive courses and strategies to help families create the American Dream.

Never mind there may be discrimination in hiring, promotions or equal pay for equal work. It is important; but nothing is more important than learning how to manage what you currently have, execrating interest, and what terms you get on a loan. All of America can do better with preparation for financial success, we just have to think as a bank instead of a consumer.

Good credit is key to your success, not having good credit is the formula for deeper disparity in financial recovery. There’s life after bad credit, bankruptcy or anything else, we just have to commit to the thinking.

Article: White Families Now $95K Richer Than African-American Families On Average, According To New Study

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